Torque Converter
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Torque Converter Repairs and Replacements

L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC is a member of the ATRA, which means we are the Triad’s trusted name in torque converter and other transmission-related repairs and services. We are also a certified distributor for Precision Torque Converters of New Hampton, carrying the best parts for any repair or replacement needs in all makes and models. If you are unsure about the health of your car, truck or SUVs torque converter, look out for a few warning signs. Vehicle shuddering, like the feeling of driving on a rough road may mean the lockup clutch is malfunctioning. Overheating likely indicates low fluid levels and dropped gears or consistently high RPMs are alerts for damaged parts. Finally, strange sounds are always your most noticeable sign that something under the hood needs attention from a qualified mechanic. Our team at L&R Transmissions has decades of experience with torque converters to diagnose and fix any problems. Plus, our work is warrantied nationwide for 36 months/50,000 miles.

L&R Transmissions is the Triad’s automatic transmission repair specialist. Which means, we are also specialists for torque converter repairs and replacements. The torque converter is used in automatic transmission vehicles between the engine and transmission in the place of a clutch that is used in stick shifts. The intricate device works wonders to transfer and multiply the torque and power created by the engine automatically through a complex system or rotating elements. Consisting of an input shaft, impeller, stator, turbine, flywheel and more, it is a powerful and important component, preventing slippage and shuddering. Our ASE Certified technicians know all about what goes on inside and have experience correcting various issues. Not surprisingly, diagnosing problems with the torque converter is tricky. Other shops may misinterpret signs of torque convert issues, but the experienced technicians at L&R Transmissions are recognized for their accuracy and precision repairs.

There are many connected components working together in your vehicle’s torque converter. It is important that any issues are addressed promptly to promote the safety and overall performance of your car, truck or SUV. So if you notice any warning signs, don’t delay. Bring your vehicle into L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC at 2401 Spaugh Industrial Drive. We welcome our walk-in customers and are happy to help with your automotive needs. It’s what we do best to help you focus on your work and family. We offer after hours drop-off and pick-up and text, picture and video message updates to ensure you are informed on what is happening with your vehicle. Our team knows your automatic transmission better than anyone and can get you back on the road faster. Call us today at 336-760-9055 or use our online scheduling system to make an appointment now.

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