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Have you noticed strong vibrations under your feet when you drive? Vibrations that increase with acceleration and difficulty maneuvering when turning are warning signs that something is wrong with your driveshaft. If you recognize these signs in your vehicle, bring it to the drivetrain specialists at L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC. Our team of ASE Certified mechanics has performed driveline services for all makes and models for over 30 years and can quickly diagnose and address any driveshaft issues with your personal or agricultural vehicle. Our shop is a state-of-the-art facility, with 12 bays and the most advanced diagnostic equipment to precisely and promptly service your vehicle. And as a proud auto repair service in Winston Salem, we responsibly inform all of our customers with text, video and picture message updates and expert counsel for their particular vehicle.

Driveshaft Service You Can Trust

The driveshaft is an integral component of the drivetrain. It transfers tremendous torque from the transmission at the front of the vehicle to the differential at the back. Without it, your vehicle won’t budge. To harness all the torque from the gearbox and power the vehicle smoothly, the driveshaft spins with immense speed and must be well-built and precisely balanced. All the rotating can wear down its components over time, so regular driveshaft service with the proper tools and parts is essential to ensure your vehicle travels steadily for years to come. At L&R Transmissions, we can custom-fit your driveshaft with the best parts for your specific driving purposes and vehicle type. Our ASE Certified technicians use the highest quality original equipment (OE) parts made in the USA whenever possible to correct and improve the performance of your driveshaft.

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Issues with the driveline require immediate professional attention. You can take your vehicle to another auto shop when you notice vibrations or other warning signs, or you can come to L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC and experience the Triad’s best transmission repair and service for yourself. Our customers walk away with smiles and peace of mind knowing they’ve received the best care for their car the first time. If you notice any warning signs or if you are just unsure about the health of your vehicle’s driveline, contact our specialists at 336-760-9055. Next time you are in the area (2401 Spaugh Industrial Drive), stop in for a visit! We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and concerns about driveshaft repair and service, or to just talk automotive with you! We welcome our walk-in customers and offer a convenient online scheduling system so you can find an appointment that fits your schedule.

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