Differential Repair
in Winston Salem, NC

Improving Handling for All Makes and Models

The differential in your car, truck or SUV is responsible for smooth maneuvering around every turn. Without it, your vehicle would be unstable and slip or bump through corners. The intricate device allows the wheels to spin independently at different speeds, so that when you turn right, the inner right-side wheels rotate slowly and the exterior left-side wheels rotate more quickly to turn steadily. Every vehicle has a differential, but not all are the same or built in the same place. On a front-wheel drive vehicle the differential is at the transaxle, while on an all-wheel drive vehicle the differential is on both axles. But you don’t have to worry about all the technicalities of the differential, L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC already has all the expertise and skills to perform differential repairs!

Our ASE Certified mechanics are specialists for differential repair on all makes and models of cars, 4x4s and agricultural vehicles. Differentials of all kinds are robust, strong and durable to handle an enormous amount of power. While they may not last forever, there are a few differential services that the technicians at L&R Transmissions can perform to extend their life span and improve your vehicle’s overall performance. Differential fluid checks and changes ensure that everything stays cool and protects parts from rapid wear. U-joint inspection and filter changes are also important to differential maintenance. If any components are in need of repair, it is essential that you bring your vehicle to L&R Transmissions right away. Unaddressed issues and damages could cause your vehicle to dangerously lose control. Your safety is our priority! So if you notice strange noises coming from the axles on your vehicle, come into our shop right away! From small leaks to complete rebuilds, you can trust the experts at L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC for all differential repairs.

Extreme conditions strongly impact the differential. The more time your vehicle spends on dirt, gravel or other rough terrain, the more wear the differential will bear. Accelerated wear from racing or other extreme activity may demand more frequent maintenance and repair. But don’t worry! The only thing you need to know about your vehicle’s differential is that our team of technicians can handle it! Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped and stocked with OE parts to handle any differential repairs that roll into one of our bays. We ensure the quality of our repairs with a 36 month/50,000-mile nationwide warranty. Next time you are in the area (2401 Spaugh Industrial Drive), our team of technicians can inspect your specific vehicle’s differential and alert you when it is time for fluid changes or repairs. Call us at 336-760-9055 or use our online scheduling system to find an appointment for your differential repair today.


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