Clutch Repair
in Winston Salem, NC

Do You Have a Manual Transmission?

When it comes to your daily driving experience of your manual transmission vehicle, the clutch may be the most important component. Wear and tear over time and subsequent problems that may develop can drastically reduce your vehicle’s performance, safety and handling. At L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC we want to help extend the life of your car, truck, SUV or any other kind of vehicle you drive and maintain an exciting driving experience on the road, farm, track or trail. We are a family of car people, so we understand how vital a properly functioning clutch is to your everyday travel needs. Being stuck in traffic or on rough terrain with a sticking clutch is never fun, so visit our team of ASE Certified technicians for regular maintenance and inspection of your clutch.

Just like the brakes on your car, the clutch sends you warning signs when it is worn out and needs professional repair. Pay attention to sounds and the pedal to determine when it’s time to visit L&R Transmissions for clutch repair. If you hear grinding sounds when changing gears, noise from the transmission even when in neutral or strange sounds, like squealing, when pushing or releasing the pedal, your clutch or parts of it may need replacement. Listening to your vehicle is a great way to detect problems, especially the clutch. You can also pay close attention to the pedal. Anything that inhibits smooth function may point to an internal problem. Jerking and vibrating during acceleration and pulsating under your foot indicate that parts may need replacement. If the clutch is hard to push, feels loose or spongy or stays on the floor, drive safely over to 2401 Spaugh Industrial Drive and we can take a closer look. Warning signs from your vehicle shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t wait, our technicians may be able to prevent costly repairs or part replacements if you stop in right away. Your safety and wallet are at risk if you ignore clutch problems.

Depending on your driving needs and habits, your manual transmission may need clutch replacement parts and repairs more frequently. We help you save time and money by keeping OE parts for all makes and models in stock at all times, because the only thing that makes us happier than repairing your manual transmission is sending you away with a smile and slightly heavier wallet. At L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC, we have the expertise to repair the clutch on your stick shift fast and get you back to what matters most. Call us at 336-760-9055 or use our online scheduling system to make a clutch repair appointment today. We welcome walk-ins and offer after hours drop-off and pick-up to accommodate your schedule.

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