Hydraulic Hose Repair: Know Your Hoses

Hydraulic Hose 101: A Quick Course

If you operate vehicles and equipment that work using hydraulics, you already know the importance of fluid under pressure that courses through hoses. What you might not know, however, are the specifics of the hoses. They’re designed for their purposes, so they’re both tough and flexible. Depending on the manufacturer and application, they can be made of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, or Teflon. Many have an added layer of protection in the form of braided covers. Even though hydraulic hoses are durable, they can’t last forever. When it’s time for an upgrade, entrust your hydraulic hose repairs to the certified technicians at L&R Transmissions in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Get a Clue

While immediate hydraulic hose failure is not always predictable, there are clues that can help you identify the need for hose repair before you have a larger problem. First, make sure that you keep tabs on the age of your hoses and understand the actual age of replacements before installing them. Composition materials tend to degrade over time. Even a hose that has never seen life off the shelf cannot be expected to remain in prime condition for the past ten years. The date of manufacture is identifiable on the exterior wall of the hose. Also, observe for fluid leaks. A leak generally indicates a crack or small hole in the line. However, if the hose has recently been replaced, it may be improperly installed. Further, be vigilant for signs of damage. Cracked and kinked segments should garner attention before the problem increases in severity. Finally, watch for substances collecting on the hose exteriors. You don’t have to be concerned about whitish substances, but rust may indicate a serious problem.

Your Local Hydraulic Hose Repair Specialists

If you’re in need of hydraulic hose repair, look no further than L&R Transmissions. We’ve been serving our local area for more than three decades. Also, we’re recognized by ATRA and the Better Business Bureau, so you know that we perform high-quality work with integrity. You’ll enjoy the benefits of mechanical competence, exceptional customer service, and ethical business practices.

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