What’s the Advantage of a Transmission Rebuild?

Aren’t Options Wonderful?

Aren’t options great? Would you like vanilla ice cream or chocolate? Do you want to wear a blue t-shirt or red? And more importantly, should you opt for a lesser repair, transmission rebuild, or transmission replacement? There are options in transmission repair shops, too, but it’s wise to select a facility with knowledge, experience, and integrity. The ASE-certified technicians at L&R Transmissions in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are glad to talk with you about your situation. No matter what make or model you drive, our staff can provide information and help you make an informed decision. We’ve earned a reputation for honest service, as is evidenced by our Better Business Bureau and Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association affiliations.

The Benefits of Transmission Rebuilding

We want to tell you honestly that you may have choices when seeking transmission repair. The number and feasibility of options actually depend upon the exact nature of the trouble, so recommendations may vary from one vehicle to another. In general, you may take a minimalist approach, making the smallest, least expensive transmission repair that will take you a little farther down the road. While this may be budget-friendly at the time, you may soon encounter additional transmission problems. Another solution may be transmission replacement. A used unit may not hold up or have its own set of problems. In short, installing one is a big risk. A refurbished component has been rebuilt, but it may not be the perfect hand-in-glove fit and function that you had with your original transmission. It’s also pricey. If you go with a rebuild, however, you reach a balance between price, function, and longevity. This option is less expensive than buying a refurbished replacement, yet you’re assured of getting a functional unit complete with a warranty. A rebuild entails cleaning all the usable (undamaged) parts in the transmission and replacing the pieces that show signs of wear or have sustained damage. You’re assured of its fit and compatibility because it’s still your original transmission. Overall, it’s the winning choice for many car owners.

Whom Can You Trust?

It’s crucial that you be able to trust the mechanic(s) who perform work on your transmission. L&R Transmissions has a decades-long history of outstanding mechanical and customer service. Further, we offer an amazing 36-month/50,000-mile warranty to back the work we do. While we have extended affiliations, we’re your neighbors, a local establishment operating with integrity that you can trust.

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