What is Hydraulic Hose Repair?


What Are Hydraulic Hoses?

Have you been told your vehicle needs hydraulic hose repair? If so, you are probably wondering what exactly that means. While you don’t need to understand the detailed mechanics of hydraulic systems, cylinders, and pistons, you may want a basic understanding of how your vehicle’s major components work. Hydraulic hoses transfer force applied at one point to another through a fluid, usually an oil. As they are very adaptable to different lengths and shapes, hydraulic hoses are a major part of vehicle systems, such as the brakes. Because hydraulic systems vary in construction and operate under high pressure, it’s paramount that only a professional handles hydraulic hose repair.

Why Do They Fail?

There are many reasons why a hydraulic hose might fail, but it’s important to remember that most failures can be entirely avoided with regular inspection at a specialist facility. Improper assembly is a common cause of hose failure, and perhaps the most easily avoidable. Just be sure your mechanic is a hose repair specialists! Erosion and abrasion also commonly cause external leakage and failure. Proper tubing must be used for the fluid type to ensure the inner tube does not wear out. Incompatible fluid may cause hoses to deteriorate or burst. Hoses are also susceptible to failure if they are bent severely beyond a safe minimum radius. Flow restriction may cause the hose to rip, buckle or fail. Remember that regular inspections are necessary and the simplest way to prevent bursts.


Hydraulic hoses operate under very high pressure to transfer the force that drives various vehicle systems. As a result, sudden hose failure is very dangerous to those nearby. You should always visit a qualified technician for hose inspection, repair, and replacement. Certified repair shops such as L&R Transmissions in Winston-Salem, NC follow factory recommended procedures and check hoses regularly to avoid sudden failures entirely. Don’t risk severely injuring yourself or causing further damages to your vehicle. Visit a professional promptly if you’ve been told or suspect your vehicle needs hydraulic hose repair.

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