What is a Hydraulic Hose?

What You Need to Know

Have you been told that your car needs hydraulic hose repair and want more information on the topic? As experts of hydraulic hose repair in vehicles, L & R Transmissions in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is happy to give you the information you need! Here’s everything you need to know about hydraulic hoses to ensure you get the best repairs for them.

What They Are

Hydraulic hoses carry fluid at very high pressure from one part of a car to another. Because their failure could be disastrous and cause injury, they must be carefully designed, constructed, and reinforced. Hoses are usually made of synthetic rubber or thermoplastic to withstand high pressure and temperatures. Broken hoses may whip around and hit anyone nearby or hit other components in the car and cause more damage. When it comes to installing and repairing them, special training and expertise is necessary to get the job done right and prevent failure.

They Won’t Last Forever

Even with their careful construction, hydraulic hoses won’t last forever. There are a lot of factors that influence how fast it will wear out, which is why it’s important that someone with thorough knowledge installs or repairs them. These factors can lead to problems sooner.

  • Overflexing, kinking, twisting, crushing, stretching, etc.
  • Extremely high or low operating temperatures
  • Surface abrasion
  • Sudden rises or drops in internal pressure
  • The wrong size, type, or weight of parts

When hoses are damaged, they may swell, blister, bubble, or tear. That’s when a trained technician will recognize the problem and suggest hydraulic hose repair.

Hydraulic Hoses Help Performance

If it weren’t for the advancement of hydraulic hose technology, your car wouldn’t be able to perform as well as it does. They make it possible to convert force from a few ounces of pressure into hundreds of tons of output. To keep your car running powerfully, make sure your hydraulic hoses are in good condition.

If a technician tells you that your car needs hydraulic hose repair, this information can help you determine their skill to handle the job. Don’t let someone inexperienced perform this service! If you live near Winston-Salem, let L & R Transmissions perform your car’s hydraulic hose repair.

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