The Most Common Transmission Repairs

Most of us take our vehicle’s transmission for granted.  We put the car in gear, press the accelerator, and we expect to go–now.  But if your transmission is giving trouble, you become painfully aware of the problem–quickly.  You can’t go very far with a transmission that’s on the fritz, so transmission trouble may incite a feeling of panic.  But never fear, L&R Transmission is here!  For drivers in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, area, L&R is the local, family-owned shop you can trust.  In business since 1986, we’ve developed a solid reputation for quality repairs, friendly service, and honest practices, important considerations when you are trusting someone to repair your transmission.

Common Issues and Fixes 

You should rely on a trusted, qualified technician to properly diagnose and repair a transmission problem.  However, we’ll share with you some of the most common issues we see as well as how some of them might be fixed.  For instance, if you begin hearing a whine or hum that is not typical for your auto, you may be low on transmission fluid.  If this is the case, you need to determine why you’re lacking fluid because you could potentially have a leak.  Grinding can be an indicator of several problems, so you need to have us check it out to identify the root of that issue.  A burning smell often points to high transmission temperature due to low fluid or the wrong type of fluid.  Your car should be checked for leaks, and fluid type/sufficiency should be verified.  A delay in take-off/movement when the car is in gear and the accelerator is depressed may indicate low fluid or a more significant problem (including a clutch problem in a manual transmission model), while a failure to go into gear may require a major repair or something as simple as a computer reset (accomplished by disconnecting the battery for about a half hour and then reconnecting it).  In a manual, a dragging clutch could require a new clutch disc to properly disengage the flywheel.  Slipping, which prevents power from being transferred to your wheels, is a safety issue that needs prompt attention regardless of whether the problem is minor (such as the need for adding fluid) or major.

Trust and Your Transmission 

While some transmission issues are simple and fairly inexpensive to repair (example:  adding fluid), others are more complicated and costly.  You need to be able to trust your technician and shop to tell you truthfully what problem you have and what work should be done.  L&R Transmission’s ability to stay in business in a single community for decades speaks for itself.  Customers have learned to trust our word and rely on our transmission repairs.  We look forward to developing the same relationship with you when you bring your vehicle to us.

Written by L & R Transmissions

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