The Inner Workings of Transmission Hydraulic Hoses

Everything You Need to Know

It’s hard to describe just how important hydraulic hoses are to your vehicle’s operation. These components are so integral to your engine’s operation that we’ve set up a facility in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area designed to tackle exactly these problems. Since these parts are one of the first to wear out, we at L&R Transmissions feel you should know why you might need hydraulic hose repair (transmission repair) in the first place. Here’s a quick look at how one of the most important parts of your car, truck, or 4X4 is made!

Three’s Company

Many people think that a hose has a similar construction to the average straw. In reality, a lot more has to go into these tubes of rubber if they are going to handle the intense pressures of a running engine! Each hose is made up of three main layers, working together to help your vehicle run:

  1. Inner tubing: The core of every hose, this is what the fluid moves through. It needs to be flexible and be made of materials that won’t degrade when certain liquids or gasses move through it. When this is breached, the hose has failed, and you’ve definitely got a leak!
  2. Reinforcement: This gives hoses their strength, allowing them to hold all of that pressure. When the tube is worn, you’ll be able to see the metal mesh of this layer, indicating a need for hydraulic hose repair.
  3. Cover/Outer layer: This is the protection part, keeping the mesh and inner tubing safe from oils, ozone, and harsh chemicals. You’ll see the first signs of wear here.

When all three of these components are working properly, hoses can stay pressurized keeping everything running smoothly.

Hydraulic Hose Repair

Getting a transmission to work with faulty hoses is like trying to ride a bike without a chain. It’s important to get problems taken care of before a leak occurs, which can cause even more issues with other parts of your vehicle. If you see any wear on them, such as a cracking outer layer, contact us to make an appointment for hydraulic hose repair. You can count on L&R Transmissions’ expert staff to help you choose the right component and get your car, truck, or 4X4 back to doing what it does best!

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