Service Needed on Your Vehicle’s Driveshaft


The driveshaft is a very important part of the vehicle’s drivetrain, transmitting torque from the transmission to the final drive or the wheels. The driveshaft must be secure yet adjustable, able to maintain its structural integrity through various movements in the suspension. Since all driveshafts are not constructed in the same manner, it takes an experienced technician to provide you with the most effective driveshaft repair or maintenance services.

Your vehicle’s driveshaft is designed to manipulate the amount of torque being transmitted to the transmission at the front of the vehicle, and to the differential at the rear. The driveshaft is a vital part of your vehicle’s ability to move. And it’s safe to assume that you want your vehicle to do more than just move, but you’d like your vehicle to move smoothly. Engineers and manufacturers have used precise measurement to exacting standards to make sure your driveshaft is well-built and effective.

To do its job, the driveshaft is constantly spinning at high speeds. This constant rotation will cause excessive wear-and-tear on individual drivetrain parts. Bring your vehicle to L&R Transmissions in Winston Salem, NC for a quick but thorough inspection of the driveshaft. Our state-of-the-art facility can provide any driveshaft repairs, maintenance, or replacements. If you notice any warning signs of bumpy or uneven road travel, let our technicians have a look as soon as possible.

Warning Signs of a Bad Driveshaft

Vibrations under the floorboard on the driver or passenger side are an obvious sign that there is a problem with the driveshaft. There may be problems with wheel balancing or worn joints on the driveshaft. Abnormal noises are also a clear indication of a driveshaft problem. There could be clunking noises that become more apparent at different times, like when shifting gears are when stopping at a stoplight.

Any problems with the driveshaft should be addressed immediately because of how crucial the component is to your safe road travel. The technicians at L&R Transmissions are a team of transmission service experts, using the latest tools and equipment to provide you with the most efficient driveshaft repairs and replacements. Do not hesitate to bring your questions and concerns to our shop.

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