How to Tell It’s Time for a New Transmission

What Does the Transmission Do?

Before you can tell whether your transmission needs repair, it helps to know exactly what its role is in your vehicle. The transmission is easily the most complex component under the hood. It has a big responsibility transitioning the vehicle through every gear every day. Each time you “park,” “drive,” and “reverse” the transmission is at work to transfer power where necessary. If you drive a manual vehicle, the transmission controls the RPM’s as you drive to allow gear changes.

Five Signs You Need Your Transmission Rebuilt

  1. The Transmission Slips

  2. A slipping transmission feels like you are stuck in the wrong gear at the wrong time for no apparent reason. The car might seem underpowered and struggle to accelerate as it should. You might even notice strange sounds that sound like whining from the engine.

  3. Shifting Isn’t Smooth

  4. Drivers don’t have a hard time detecting when their vehicle is shifting roughly. Typically, it feels like the car is stuck in one gear and refusing to change as it should. You might feel or hear thuds when the car finally does shift.

  5. Delayed Engagement

  6. Sometimes, a vehicle with a failing transmission may delay movement when shifted out of park and into drive. Your car might pause and remain still while the engine revs even when you give it gas.

  7. Fluid Leaks

  8. Fluids should always stay inside your vehicle. If you notice leakage on the ground below your vehicle, take a close look at the color to determine if its transmission fluid. Bright red, dark red and even brown colored fluid means it’s time to visit the auto shop.

  9. Transmission Warning Light

  10. The most obvious sign that you need a transmission repair or build is the warning indicator on your dashboard. Just a check engine light does not necessarily indicate a transmission problem, but if you notice any signs from above in addition to an illuminated warning, visit a professional for accurate diagnosis. Our team at L&R Transmissions is the local specialist in Winston-Salem, NC.

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