Flush It: The Transmission, That Is

What’s the Difference?

While most drivers know their vehicles rely upon transmissions to apply the power so that the auto can move at the appropriate speed, not everyone understands related shop terms. At L&R Transmissions in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we’re glad to help you learn a little more about transmission work, and we perform all necessary services and repairs, including transmission flush. The term “transmission service” typically refers to a fluid exchange. The old fluid is removed, and the new fluid replaces it. As a more extensive process, a “transmission flush” entails connecting the vehicle to a device that forces a cleaning fluid through once the old liquid has been removed. This process removes debris and contaminants before the new transmission fluid refills.

Does It Really Need a Flush?

Perhaps your next question is whether or not your automobile’s transmission actually needs flushing. Various mechanics hold different opinions and dispense diverse advice. Some support the notion of period flushing, while others say that fluid exchange is sufficient. Ultimately, the decision is yours as the car’s owner. Generally, the regular service is sufficient to keep your vehicle’s transmission working well. Even if you’re noticing a few minor glitches, a fluid change may remedy the situation. If it doesn’t, however, you may want to consider a transmission flush to force out any loose debris that didn’t make its way out during fluid exchange.

Superior Transmission Service and Repair

Regardless of your decision, you can always count on L&R Transmissions for quality transmission service and repair. Although we started in a home garage when we opened in 1986, we operate a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to effect high-quality repairs. All of our 14 technicians are ASE certified, our shop is an ATRA member, and we’re affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. Those alliances let you know that you’ll get honest, reputable, mechanically sound work at our shop–whether you opt for a transmission flush or another service or repair. Better yet, the repairs we make are backed by an amazing 36-month/50,000-mile warranty.

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