Differ-what?: Signs of a Damaged Differential

What’s a Differential?

When you turn your steering wheel, you expect your automobile to move in your desired direction. In modern cars, that’s certainly a reasonable expectation, but do you know why? A big contributor to that turning freedom and flexibility is the differential. This component is part of the drivetrain (a system that connects the transmission to the axles and wheels), allowing your wheels to turn at different rates of speed. That’s crucial because the “outside” wheels must turn faster than the “inside” wheels (in relation to the direction of the turn). If your differential is damaged, it will impair the car’s ability to turn properly and/or cause damage to other components. Therefore, it’s important to get professional help if yours is having trouble. For differential repair near you, rely on L&R Transmissions in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

What is Your Vehicle’s Differential Saying to You?

If your differential is damaged, it may let you know through “sign language”–signs that alert you to trouble. However, be aware that we’ll need to check out your car to make an accurate diagnosis because some of these signals can also indicate other mechanical problems. One warning of differential damage, for example, is uneven tire wear. You may notice spots that are worn more than others or unexpected wear in the sidewall transition area. (This may also point to bad wheel alignment, braking issues, failing wheel bearings, or suspension issues.) Also, you may hear a grinding noise. (A grind can also be the gears in the transmission or ailing brakes if the noises are heard as you apply the pedal.) You might notice a decline in handling ability, too. Symptoms include the sensation of being too loose in turns or a tug to one side. (This also mirrors a wheel alignment problem.) Vibrations and unusual whining noises, especially during turns, may also point to a bad differential. (However, these may be attributable to various other issues.) Finally, the differential holds fluid to lubricate and cool. If this is dripping out, you definitely need differential repair.

Reputable Differential Repair Near You

Although it may seem complicated to sort out differential troubles since many of the possible indicators overlap with other mechanical problems, you can count on L&R Transmissions to accurately pinpoint the problem and make differential repairs. We’ve been in business since 1986, and we guarantee our work with a 36-month/50,000-mile warranty. Further, we employ ASE-certified technicians and affiliate ourselves with the BBB and ATRA, assuring you that we’re reputable.

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