Transmission Flush Service in Winston Salem, NC

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Affordable and Effective Transmission Services


L&R Transmission is your “go-to” shop for any transmission service for your vehicle in Winston Salem. Our transmission flushes are an inexpensive way to maintain your vehicle’s transmission. The top quality equipment we use removes all the grime and particles that contaminate your transmission. With our effective transmission services we keep drivers’ engines performing at an optimum level. When drivers do not keep up with the proper transmission maintenance, they end up needing, or thinking they need, a transmission rebuild or replacement. Using our transmission flush services will extend the life of your transmission and help you avoid any costly repair jobs. Our transmission flushes are thorough, and always done properly to remove harmful contaminants.

Expert Transmission Service–We Do It Right

Our specialists will thoroughly inspect your vehicle transmission for any serious problems that we’ll need to take care of during service. A careful diagnosis is the key to providing the right kind of service. It takes a trained and experienced eye to correctly diagnose problems and to determine the best course of action for you. We inquire with our customers about the driving habits and the road conditions in which they drive. This will have an effect on the frequency in which you should have a transmission flush performed. If you often drive your vehicle through rugged terrains that have an excessive amount of sand, dirt, and debris, we will advise you to get your transmission flushed more frequently.

You Can Trust Us!

At L&R Transmissions we like to give our customers a holistic and comprehensive analysis. We care about your vehicle’s transmission for the life of your vehicle. This requires a technician that knows the right method to keep your transmission in shape. No matter what your vehicle’s make and model is we have the experience and know-how to handle your vehicle transmission services. Our goal is to make sure you have the cleanest, gunk-free transmission, which will improve the quality of your engine’s overall performance.