Custom Build and Repair Driveshafts–Winston Salem, NC

L&R Transmissions–Modify Any Drive Shaft

Taking Your 4×4 To The Next Level


We specialize in customizing drivelines for your vehicle’s specific driving needs. All of the off-roading that you do requires a specialized mechanic to service your vehicle. Whether you’re transforming your vehicle for the off-road, or you need repairs to your off-road vehicle’s drive shaft, you should come to us first. As driveshaft specialists, we know exactly how to perform maintenance on your 4×4. Drivers who like riding high on rough terrain, require a shop with drive shaft maintenance skills. Some of our customers need an off-road driveline for their 4WD Monster truck or for their Hummer. Others need their driveline modified for racing purposes. We keep our customers’ vehicles in tact, handling the terrain and circling the race track.

Tractor Shafts–Preparing Your Agricultural Vehicles

Any of our customers with repairs or customization needs for their agricultural vehicles know to come here first. The daily grind of your tractor operation requires specialized servicing. There are variations depending on the type of terrain and the frequency of usage. We know the customization needs that will best serve you throughout the use of your tractor. L&R Transmissions is able to keep your tractor shafts fully operational, maintained, or repaired using the finest quality parts. Use L&R Transmissions for any and all of your vehicle’s drive shaft modifications or services.

Drive Shaft Service–Keeping You In The Race

Drivers need drive shaft modifications to vehicles used for racing. Our experienced technicians know the difference between which drive shaft is going to keep you driving on the highway, and which one will help you fly around the race track. Some sports cars are souped up and the drive shaft is the final piece that will let it perform at its optimum levels. A quick conversation with us about your needs and your expectations will allow us to provide you with the best drive shaft service. We are here to make sure your vehicle is operating at its best at all times.